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Top 10 Blogger tools you can count on

As a Blogger we all need tools to create our Articles in an easy and the quickAllest way possible.

These free tools  are the utilities I personally use when writing an article. I hope you find it all useful. The list are presented in a sequential manner from preparing your materials up to publishing your article.

1) Screen Hunter

ScreenHunterlets you capture desktop screenshots for your articles. This Software is very easy to use. Upon Installation you just need to setup two options (HotKey and the location to save images) then you are ready to go.

2) Page Saver

PageSaverIf you need a Screenshot of a Web page, you can also use Screen Hunter to capture portion of the web page you wish to save. But how about when you want to capture the whole page including those that are not visible? Then Page Saver lets you to save an Image of Visible portion, an Entire page or even a Frame of a Web page you are currently viewing.

3) Paint.Net

PaintDotNet After you completed saving Images, You’re going to need some graphics editor like Paint.Net. This utility resemble Photoshop’s functionality in a simplified and easy to use manner. If you just need to crop or resize an Image, Spare yourself from using time consuming and memory expensive Graphics editor specially when loading.

4) Windows Live Writer

WindowsLiveWriter  When all of your materials are ready. Instead of using a Web Designer of any kind, Windows Live Writer is specifically designed for Bloggers like us. The ease of use and publishing of this utility is totally awesome.

One feature I love most with this document writer is the retrieving of your published articles in a snap. You can also manage multiple blog site all on this software. Many blog services are supported including Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad and others.

5) NotePad++

NotePadPlus2  When you started to enjoy Windows Live Writer, You’ll notice that the writer’s source view editor is not purely an HTML editor as oppose to real Web Designer’s tool. When I want to tweak some Gadget’s or HTML/Javascript, I just save it to an HTML or XML format then view and edit the file instantly with NotePad++. This utility support different formats like HTML, XML, CSS and many more.

6) ColorZilla

ColorZilla  Have you encountered the need to find out the color of an area of a cool website you are currently viewing? Well, in ColorZilla, Color Picking is a snap. You can say goodbye to something like Color Chart. Because once installed, this utility can pick colors instantly. The software comes as a plug-in in Firefox and  install a button on the leftmost bottom of the browser’s window. All you need is click that and point to the section of a webpage to which color you are interested of.

7) TubeChop

TubeChop  What if you find a Video that is good for your article but you only need a portion of it? Then by the sound of TubeChop you should know what I mean.

8) Woopra

Woopra  Woopra (BETA) for me is one of the best Web Analytics around the internet. I currently have six of my Blog site registered on their site.

The registration is by approval. I was lucky enough to have my sites approve in just 3 days. If ever, you have to wait for the next batch approval when you sign-up. But If you are in a hurry try GetClicky.which give you only one site to monitor for a free account.

9) DropBox

DropBox  Of course when you already published your article, saving your documents in your desktop is not 100% safe. Who knows when your hard disk crashes. So If you prefer to have a backup online I suggest you sign-up  an account with DropBox which are giving free 2GB online storage.

10) TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt  If it’s not in your preference to save your documents online. Your documents will also be safe by downloading TrueCrypt. This utility lets you create an encrypted sub-directory or mount a folder as a drive.

The main purpose of this utility is to help keep your documents safe from frying eyes. Even saving your documents at work is also secure as TrueCrypt features an alternative folder to mount as an extra hidden folder that contains your real documents or files. In case you were forced by your office to reveal your password for your encrypted data the first dummy folder’s content will be shown instead.

  With that, this article is completed with ease using the tools above. Have a nice day. 

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