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Get Emoticons (Page 2 of 7)

Note: For future reference. I created a central page for similar charts/tables at this location

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Yahoo Icons

Happy  Sad  Winking  Big Grin  Batting Eyelashes  Confused  Love Struck  Blushing  Tongue  Kiss  Surprise  Smug 

Cool  Worried  Devil  Laughing  Striaght Face  Raised Eyebrow  Talk to the hand  Sleepy  Rolling Eyes  Sick  Dont tell anyone  Not talking   

Yawn  Drooling  Thinking  Applause  Hypnotized  Liar  Phbbbttt  Cowboy  Rolling on the floor Angel On the phone

Nerd  Call me  Wave  Time out  Day dreaming  Loser  Clown  Silly  Crying  Doh

Waiting  Sigh  Big Hug  Angry  Whew  At wits end  Party  Nailbiting










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